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How Ravenstone Jewelry is Brought to Life

“How can this be better?”

It took us years of asking ourselves that question before our products got to where they are today. Every step of our jewelry-making process is meticulous, intentional, and rooted in our love for what we do.

In collaboration with some other cool small businesses, we breathe new life into vintage designs. We’ve scoured libraries of vintage metal designs from the former epicenter of fashion jewelry right here in New England to curate the basis of our unique jewelry collection. We work directly with the owners of these amazing vintage molds to resurrect and re-imagine these long-forgotten designs. 

Our earrings begin with huge ribbons of recycled brass that get fed through giant presses to stamp out rough shapes. From there, they are cleaned and polished, and continue their journey to be finished in genuine precious metals. Each piece goes through additional polishing before being individually hand-strung and plated. They then make their way home to our studio (in our brick-and-mortar shop!) to be thoughtfully inspected, polished (deja vu), assembled, and tagged. Next, they’re ready to be showcased in our shop or shipped to their new owners!

Why ours are better.

Because our pieces begin with vintage designs, you may see these shapes used by other legitimate jewelry designers out there who make them their own. What sets us apart? We took obsessive steps to assemble a talented team of artisans who are able to transform simple molds of brass into gorgeous and long-lasting statement pieces that are safe, finished in genuine precious metals, and made right here in the United States.

All of our designs are: 

  • Made with recycled materials
  • Nickel-free
  • Finished in genuine precious metals –real gold, silver, rose gold, and titanium
  • Crafted from start-to-finish here in New England 


A Note on Buying Jewelry from Unregulated Mega-Marketplaces:

Our original images, unique finishes, product titles, and product descriptions have been stolen countless times to sell counterfeit versions of our work. Our original “Big F’ing Bee Earrings,” “Hand and Dagger Earrings,” and our Psychedelic collection are perennial thief favorites. Sometimes our logo is cropped out, sometimes it’s still there; often, Kathleen’s tattoos are even visible. It’s a dizzying side effect of beginning a brand on Etsy and it happens to way more brands and small businesses out there than it should. 

All this to say, shop safely out there with your eyes and heart open. We love what we do and pour a lot of passion into our work and our customers. Thank you for being a part of our world!