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Opening a Store During a Global Pandemic

We weren’t planning to open a brick and mortar shop. We were, however, looking for a larger studio space and a new home base for our online business, and this gorgeous, sun-drenched space about two minutes from our house was vacant. We were familiar with the space because it was formerly a cool antique furniture store and happened to know it also had a full basement space. Stars aligned, we called the realtor, and we had a new workspace for our business downstairs with a bonus storefront ready to be filled with wonders.

We signed our lease in January 2020 and planned to open a simple shop with our jewelry and some plants and crystals in the spring.

Then a pandemic happened.

Frankly, in a lot of ways it worked out better this way. We suddenly had this extra time to stop and truly think about what we could do with this dreamy space and had more time to slowly acquire so many more items we wanted to share with people. We were extremely lucky to have had an already established online business, so creating the physical shop was not without stress, but still a possibility.

We finally opened the doors in September, and realized it was such a perfect time to be able to share a space created from our hearts; a little oasis and escape from our ongoing stressful world.

Has it been easy? 100% not. But we think it’s happening as it was meant to, and we know it’s only going to get better from here.