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Staying Inspired

We’re so fortunate to live near a gorgeous woodland area and a beautiful beach, and we do our best not to take that for granted. Owning your own business can be all-consuming but taking a step back to enjoy the happy little moments is so critical to staying inspired and productive.

We took a little early morning woodland walk before opening the shop this week and it was so refreshing. The forest is so lush right now after all of the rain we’ve had lately, and the amount of bright green ferns and little mushroom pals we saw was wild. I even discovered the most perfect moss-covered old stone wall for a photo backdrop; you’ll probably be seeing that on our Instagram feed very soon! Nature is so magical and that’s exactly the feeling we try to capture in our shop.

Stay inspired, friends!🌿

Here are some of our favorite fern and mushroom-inspired items in the shop!

The Golden Fern Earrings | The Golden Button Mushroom Earrings | Ferns Vintage Pouch | Mushrooms Poster